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CEO Message

The business of communications must be grounded in business to be effective. This is the underlying principle of Tiberend Strategic Advisors, and it is this mindset that sets us apart from other communications firms.   

Press releases, media placements, investor meetings, digital content.  These are core services that Tiberend delivers…and delivers exceptionally well…but, in our view, are the tools that enable us to achieve our ultimate mission:

Providing expert communications counsel that empowers our clients to achieve their business objectives.    

Our clients look upon us as members of their management team, leveraging our knowledge of the life sciences and healthcare industry to shape the way in which their business is defined and marketed.   

When we write a press release, it's built around a larger corporate and industry narrative where the past, present and future is equally weighed to communicate the full value of a single news event. The same strategic depth and forethought is inherent in how we identify investor and analyst targets, place a story in the media, and launch a drug.  As the idiom goes, “If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing well.”

Expert, strategic planning is vital to business success.  But so is the ability to execute.  At Tiberend we demand to be measured against specific milestones and deliverables, just as our clients are evaluated by their investors and partners.  Simply put, when we say we will do something, it gets done.  There is no gray area.  It is yes or no; success or failure.

Communications is a serious business, and your business is important to us.  Every word, every action has a consequence because once it's public it can never be taken back.  This is how we think and operate every day at Tiberend.

Best regards,

Gregory Q. Tiberend
President & CEO
Tiberend Strategic Advisors, Inc.