Communications Hub

Tiberend embraces the connection between corporate, investor, industry and product communications – as well as the rising power of the digital age – to deliver fully realized programs that address our clients' immediate needs and future potential. 

Tiberend Strategic Advisors contends that for communications to be truly effective each initiative must support – and strengthen – each component of the overall program.  This is the essence of strategic communications and what we deliver in the programs we develop for our clients.

It is not enough to arrange a non-deal roadshow if the milestones being weighed are not clearly articulated.  Similarly, a media placement touting the benefits of a new technology cannot benefit the bottom line if it is not linked to the company's business development and marketing effort. 

  • Messaging
  • Material Development
  • Market & Competitive Analyses
  • News & Milestone Planning
  • Clinical Study/Data Unblinding
  • Press Release Management
  • Spokesperson Training
  • Thought Leadership

Corporate Communications

In today's hyper competitive business environment, where an increasing number of companies are vying for a shrinking pool of investors and partners, how a company presents itself can be paramount to success.

As corporate communications counsel, Tiberend takes a leadership role in all outbound news/message dissemination for the companies we represent.  Our role is both as a strategic advisor and a tactical manager, ensuring that all communications activities from our clients are compelling, accurate, consistent, and designed to elicit maximum impact. 

In creating a strategic program, Tiberend favors an approach that defines the overall mission and then segments our work into agreed-upon initiatives/projects with specific objectives and deliverables.  Structuring the program in this fashion allows all parties to judge the effectiveness of the program on near-term and longer-range bases.


  • Capital Markets Intelligence
  • Quarterly Results & Conference Call
  • IPO & Roadshow Strategy
  • Banker & Analyst Targeting
  • Presentation Development
  • Investor Conferences
  • Analyst Days

Investor Relations

Inspiring and retaining shareholder confidence is particularly challenging for healthcare companies, due to the risks and uncertainties associated with drug development and regulation. Tiberend understands this, which is why we have built our business helping companies put their best foot forward with respect to communicating value to the financial community.

We are a full-service investor relations partner.  From message development to crafting collateral materials, support for private financing to managing an IPO process, to strategic institutional investor targeting – Tiberend has the expertise and breadth of experience to add significant value. 

Tiberend works with companies to deliver a concise and compelling investment thesis, while managing expectations and transparency as to not expose clients to excessive scrutiny. Our expert knowledge of both business and science allows us to “speak the language” of the healthcare investment community, focusing on the key insights that drive investment decisions.

We are forward thinkers and scenario planners by nature, ensuring that our clients stay at least one step ahead of their next value inflection point, and allowing for maximum impact following binary events.


  • Print, Online, Television & Radio
  • Business/Financial
  • National Consumer
  • Industry Trade
  • Medical/Professional
  • Local/Regional

Media Relations

Tiberend views media relations as paramount to building interest in our clients, particularly among investors and industry strategics as these groups greatly value the third-party, objective validation that high-level media coverage affords.

Leveraging our contacts across the entire media spectrum, Tiberend targets opportunities to highlight our clients' corporate vision, growth strategy, therapeutic/technology focus and milestones as a means to showcase the company's overarching value proposition. 

Our proactive, forward-looking communications programs are aimed at increasing visibility for our clients in all publications critical to its business efforts Tiberend relies upon a deep knowledge of industry trends and maintains active dialogues with reporters to identify and capitalize on value-building media opportunities over the course of a communications program.


  • Clinical Trial Branding & Messaging
  • Study Toolkit & Reference Tools
  • Patient Educational Materials
  • Clinical Trial Website Development
  • Patient Advocacy Relations
  • Site-Specific Support Programs
  • Referral Site Research & Identification
  • Investigator & Referring Clinician Meetings
  • National and Local Market Media Outreach
  • Physician Spokespeople Training
  • Digital Media Research & Strategies

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Clinical trials play a central role in scientific advancement and drug approval. However, patient enrollment and retention is a hurdle that encumbers many companies, potentially depleting R&D resources and delaying the marketing of novel therapeutics or devices.

Tiberend designs programs to drive patient enrollment and retention and strengthen relationships with investigators, patient advocacy organizations, and medical research institutions. Our experience in a variety of therapeutic areas enables us to create tailored recruitment initiatives and media campaigns that target key audiences, while adhering to strict regulatory guidelines and IRB requirements.


  • Clinical Trial Enrollment
  • FDA Meeting Strategy
  • Direct-to-Market Communications
  • Advocacy Relations
  • KOL Development
  • Referral Support
  • Physician/Patient Case Studies
  • Meeting & Symposia Support

Product Positioning

Tiberend has significant experience in developing and executing product-focused communications programs, including launches and rebranding efforts.  We are well equipped to help companies differentiate their products within highly competitive markets among consumers, including patients, caregivers and the medical community.

Tiberend works hand-in-hand with our clients' business development teams to ensure that our brand-building activities are executed in lock step with the company's sales and marketing effort.  Doing so, we become an extension of – and often a key element to - our clients' revenue-generating initiatives, helping to drive their bottom-line growth. 


  • Website Creation Management
  • Website Content Writing
  • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest)
  • Photo & Video Content Creation & Targeted Sharing
  • Business Networking (LinkedIn)
  • Corporate Blogging
  • Blogger Relations

Web & Digital

While it is not difficult or uncommon for companies to create their own website, Facebook page, Twitter page, etc., it is rare that a company succeeds in creating an effective online presence with a relevant and valuable “followers” network.

The reason behind this is simple:  many companies build pages with no strategy, expecting that just being part of the growing digital trends will be good enough. 

At Tiberend we believe that, to be effective, all digital communications must be coordinated with the overall communications – AND business – strategy for the company.  Content must be updated regularly and engagement of “followers” must be proactive.  

Whether the company's goal is to shape perceptions and educate, build brand loyalty, increase awareness or increase sales, Tiberend will develop and execute a strategy that is individualized specifically to help the company achieve its business goals by engaging those audiences that have a direct impact.